I used to buy booths in trade shows in order to meet people. Now, no one shows up except me. 
I thought of leaping into the air on a street corner in a gorilla suit to attract attention. I don't know if that would work since I have neither a gorilla suit nor a street corner, and I don't think our mayor would approve. She seems indifferent to my plight, as you see in I'm Not Opinionated! below.
So I resort to the extreme measure of making videos like that one. I reasoned it must be more effective than the other things I haven't tried, so videos it is! (for you grammar police, videos it are.)
Below that are some recent works. You'll notice a preponderance of wine art. This is because we still need wine exposure even on those endless, tedious, non-drinking, liver-saving days when political rhetoric overwhelms us.
Another solution is to show the world the back of our boats. But we don't all have boats.
Those of us who have neither wine NOR boats have to settle for my videos. Sorry... As a consolation, I made the video fun, uplifting, and not about that unmentionable thing the news can't shut up about.
This is about the one thing everyone is dying to hear more about: You really want to know what that is? Watch.

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I'm Not Opinionated! - video
In this video, several local and national leaders weigh in on the prospects for Will Enns Gallery.
Humor, Satire.
"A Balanced Meal"
"How I Want To Be Seen"
Acrylic on Canvas
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The Crazy Zoo Tangle
- a book for children -
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Why is the giraffe wearing the zebra's coat?
The Crazy Zoo Tangle is a book for kids aged 4 - 94. You'll learn how their skins got mixed up, how they capture the pirate responsible, and how they get their skins back.
Many people have told me this story is engaging for kids and adults alike. The story is told in rhyme and contains clever twists, while the illustrations hide subtle surprises in many of the pages.
$15, 34 pages. Softcover.
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Will Enns Art Studio
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