Laugh Trax - In the video below I explain why laughter is so difficult to start, the role of hecklers, the role of laugh tracks, and more.
Since the Art business is mostly about Art, Humor generally doesn't get off the ground. But today that changes. Check out this video to lighten your mood.

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"A Balanced Meal"
"How I Want To Be Seen"
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Laugh Trax - video
Will Enns Gallery - on the role of laughter in the Art World.
Humor, Satire.
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The Crazy Zoo Tangle
- a book for children -
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Why is the giraffe wearing the zebra's coat?
The Crazy Zoo Tangle is a book for kids aged 4 - 94. You'll learn how their skins got mixed up, how they capture the pirate responsible, and how they get their skins back.
Many people have told me this story is engaging for kids and adults alike. The story is told in rhyme and contains clever twists, while the illustrations hide subtle surprises in many of the pages.
$15, 34 pages. Softcover.
Order yours today!
Available at Amazon.
Will Enns Art Studio
114 jewell Pl
Summerland, BC
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