"Hello Will,
Have you ever just sat there with your mind windmilling, wondering what you should think about?
I'm lucky - my wife just comes right out and tells me what to think. Watch the video to see how that works!

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What to Think! - Video
What to Think? - My wife just comes right out and tells me!
Will Enns Gallery.
Humor, Satire, information - (some of which is even true.)
Some Previous Commissions:
"Scottish Dreams"
A collection of scotches.
This one is going to England!
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Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel,
Belle, Tianna
Jennifer commissioned this painting.
Says she: If you paint this for me, I'll keep making food. Otherwise I'll stop.
It's a great deal for me because she is really good in the kitchen, and I get hungry a lot!
"A Group of Seven"
One couple asked for a Stave Painting, but with a twist - it should incorporate one of my quirky cows in the composition.
All things are possible!
Magazine Cover Art - 
There was a stretch of 8 years when I created custom covers for Canadian Technician Magazine, of Toronto. That gig was quite challenging - how do you make something inherently unappealing look pretty? That was my job.
Do you have a great idea for that blank spot on your wall?
Contact me with your idea and we will discuss it.
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114 Jewell Pl
Summerland BC
V0H 1Z4
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Will Enns Art Studio
114 jewell Pl
Summerland, BC
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