"Hello Will,
     I know it's a shock, but the life of an artist consists of more than just painting. 
     In fact, 97.6% of my life consists of marketing. I hardly paint at all! 
     Marketing is quite a challenge. I've tried many approaches but some stand out.
      For example, some artists tell people art is a great investment. This is true, but only for 0.0000003% of the artists. I don't know yet if I am one of those.
     But unlike most artists, I am an accomplished investor. My strategy is simply: Buy something really expensive that I have no use for, such as stocks, then sell them later for a lot less.
     My wife thinks that's a lousy strategy, and that it won't help people want my art.
     Instead she suggests the rather clever strategy of being quiet. In other words, Shut Up, Will, and do this instead:
     I place my art in other businesses
, such as wineries, where random people can discover it. These businesses persuade people that my art is a good investment by simply letting them buy it because they love it! What a brilliant approach!
     You may wonder what I do with the remaining 2.5% of my time. Well, I have been investing it in a bucket list. This bucket list led me to one such business.
     The video below tells the story of this adventure. After you watch it, please let me know whether you think my bucket list was a good investment.

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What do an Artist, a Spa, and a Bucket List have in common? - video
Will Enns Gallery - Even Artists who live the life like I do, have bucket lists!
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