How to buy boring art...

Wait a minute - that's not why you're here!

You're here because you've seen enough of that.

You sought me out because you understand - the art you hang on your walls is a reflection of who you are. And who wants to be boring?

You might ask, why am I qualified to provide a solution, or even comment on this?

I'll explain.
For 8 years, I was the primary creator of cover art for Canadian Technician, a national magazine for Auto Mechanics.
The Editor is an exacting individual who would often put a challenging assignment before me. I would have to fill that assignment, not the one I wished it was.
If he said, "I need you to illustrate over-heated brakes," it would not do to say, "Dude! I'm really good at painting flowers. Could we use a flower on the cover instead?"


This had two results:
1) I learned I could paint anything, I was without limitations.
2) I became interested in painting unusual and sometimes boring subjects in the most dramatic way possible.

Over time, I found that dealing with clients directly was more rewarding, so I segued into a full time fine art career.

Today, my acrylic paintings have made their way to distant lands, including Canada, the US, Scotland, England, Austria, Bahama, and so on.

How I got this way

I was once a drywall contractor.

An urgent visit from my guardian angel drove home the point that it was time to stop that nonsense, so we (my wife Jennifer and I) bought a motel. Some people thought it was a micro-slum, but it earned us a living. While inn-keeping provides ample material for acerbic commentary, it also leaves free time during the long winters, so in 2001, I began drawing seriously.

I soon came under the tutelage of Ben Crane, a nationally published illustrator. Within a year, I was selling story illustrations to several magazines, and by 2003, I was making cover art for Cars Magazine (then known as Canadian Technician.)

I've worked in watercolor and digital media, but prefer acrylics for their forgiving nature and durability.

My work has been prominently featured on the cover of Okanagan Life magazine, on the Big Screen, Wine Labels, and in other venues that fail to spring to mind.

I live and paint in Summerland BC, where Jennifer encourages my various and frequently ridiculous endeavors, when not too busy chortling over them.

We encourage visitors to our home/gallery, where they are likely to be offered wine, or something else, along with their tour of my work.

If you cannot visit my gallery (in Summerland, BC, Canada,) please subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here. On second thought, subscribe anyway, even if you're my neighbor!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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