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The ever popular Okanagan Wine Art of
Will Enns
Fashion & Glamor by Will Enns Dance, Fashion, Glamor, Figurative Art
by Will Enns;
wine art, bottle art, bottles, Still Life; Colorful acrylic Paintings of bottles and other objects rendered in a unique pallet knife style.

Premium Barrel Art

The Cow Girls, and other animals as seen only by Will Enns! The Cow Girls,
Will's Quail, and other mystical creatures as they can only be imagined by Will!
Okanagan Art - scenic landscapes depicting the best of Okanagan vineyards, lakes, and architecture. Art of Italy - Scenery of Italy, the Mediteranian, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Italian wine region, architecture. Art of Italy - Scenery of Italy, the Mediteranian, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Italian wine region, architecture.

Digital Art

The Vintner's entourage; Wine Art
Jazz Art Watercolors
(Older work

Jazz Art, Large format, Palette knife style, Acrylic Painting
Mechanic working on an AC Cobra Magazine Cover Paintings

Extreme Golf, Golf Themed Art

Magazine Story Illustrations - a collection of drawings and digital paintings I have created to illustrate humorious stories Magazine Story Illustrations
Summerland Steam Logo, artistic design work, commercial art

Commercial Art

Videos! Videos from
Will Enns Studio

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Italy, Cinque Terre, Riomaggiori

Our Trip to Italy, which my friends variously describe as hilarious, unbelievable, or deadly boring. Some just act as if they have never heard of me. There are some of my inimitable sketches, which some people find apalling... I mean appealing.
I think you will like it, but if you don't, feel free to send me a note and lie about it.

What people say...testimonial


Hi Will!!
We are so happy to say your beautiful work arrived today and we couldn't be happier!
Thank you so much for adding fun and beauty to our new home!

I am very pleased with my purchases and will be back again soon.

Thank you so much for the speedy service! The painting is absolutely beautiful and my mom is going to be blown away by it! Thanks again for everything. I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much Will! We really appreciate your efforts in getting the painting out quickly and look forward to it's arrival.
Love your work,

... but I do have a spot all picked out for it and I am thrilled to have it. :O)

You did a very nice job of *****’s print and I am sure we’ll be ordering more.

Such a pleasure to have dropped by today, as usual. I look forward to our new acquisition.

Just wanted to thank you for your painting (see attachments). We saw them in Thornhaven in August, and just had to buy one. We were married four years ago at the winery, so it's a special place for us, and your painting, now on the stairway wall, is a nice reminder. Love the richness of your work.

I'm not often taken with art, but when I saw your work- I fell in love!!!

Whew! I am relieved that I can use your painting on the cover of my book.
Somehow it all worked out and you got a painting on the cover {of Okanagan Life Magazine}, as well as inside. I love your wine tasting characters, shows a lot of insight and a wry humour.
Many, many thanks,

I talked to ***** at Okanagan Life about using your art on the cover.
She indicated that the magazine has plans for a feature on local artists in 2012 and, as one of the Okanagan’s top artists, you will be included.

I just bought a copy of your "Window Shopping" while I was at Thornhaven about a month ago. I have received many great compliments on it. Thanks!

...the print arrived yesterday afternoon in time for the event in the evening! ... Thanks so much for your part in getting it off to us - Greg loved it!!





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